Beatnikz Republic Brewing Co. need your help to raise £20,000 so they can buy their own stainless steel brewing system to make the beer they love!!

Being a small 100% independent brewing company has its drawbacks. They do not own their own brewing system or have their own premises, and have so far been cuckoo/gypsy brewing on other breweries kits. Whilst they are thankful that they are able to do this, brewing this way means they are at the whims of other people’s available capacity – which can be very unpredictable and infrequent. This means they are unable to supply their trade and wholesale customers with a regular supply of their beer.

What do we need the money for?

We plan to use your pledges to buy our own brewing system that will allow us to make 1,000 litres of beer per brew. This UK manufactured stainless steel & varnished wood cladding brewery installation means we can brew up to 3 times per week – which would meet current demand as well as giving us capacity to increase our distribution. We will no longer need to keep customers waiting and we can get our kegged and bottled beer into pubs, bottle shops and restaurants near you much quicker!!

If we reach our target, we will be able to acquire the following services and equipment, essential for a new brewery: hot liquor (water) tank with controllable digital temperature display/infusion mash tun/copper (boiling kettle), all insulated and clad in decorative varnished timber; full specification stainless steel plate heat exchanger with wall bracket; three stainless steel fermenting vessels with three identical stainless steel hygienic transfer pumps; hop filter and automatic underback; Clean in Place (CIP) system for fermenting vessels and copper; full installation; all brewery equipment in stainless steel; digital display and fully automated temperature controlled fermenting vessels, as well as all heaters, valves and pipework.

Fore more information and to make a pledge please visit Beatnikz Republic crowdfunding page and claim your beer.

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