After the Prime Minister’s speech on 31 October announcing that England will enter a second lockdown from Thursday 1st November, the Government have decided to extend the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS). Please see the main points below.

• From 1st November 2020 the scheme will provide for 80% wages for unworked hours

• Employees can still be flexibly furloughed and claims made for them

• Applies to employees on payroll at 30th October 2020 provided RTI filing has been made with them on it.

• Employers still need to pay Employers National Insurance Contributions and Employer Pension Contributions

• Likely to be December before November claims are paid – so need to factor payment of November payroll into cashflow workings

• Still awaiting a decision on whether employees made redundant on Friday (due to inability to do this if claiming Job Support Scheme) can go back onto the payroll and be fully furloughed if business is now to shut.

• Government has given Local Councils more support with regard to grants for local businesses based on rateable value of the business property. Therefore, please check the website of the local council in which your business premises operate to check availability of any grants or further assistance.

If you require any further advice then please do not hesitate to contact your client manager or call the office on 01254 823923 and we can arrange a call for you.